I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Technology & Social Change in the Department of Sociology & Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo, Canada, cross-appointed in the Department of English Language and Literature. The city of Kitchener-Waterloo—home to Canada’s Google Accelerator Program and birthplace of Blackberry—is an international hub for technological research and culture. In an environment that merges critical ideas with creative practice, I work on media studies, science and technology studies, critical design (especially of technological hardware and software), and methods of public/policy outreach through digital storytelling.

In addition to serving as an Advisory Board member for multiple research and artistic groups, I serve as an Editor and the Director of Communications of electronic book review (media theory and digital literary studies, est. 1995) and Editor of the digital review (born-digital arts and literature).

My name is pronounced Ligh (“light” without the t) Chee.

laitze [dot] fan [at] gmail [dot] com