I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Digital Media & Rhetoric in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada. As one of the core faculty of the Department’s graduate program in Experimental Digital Media, I am a researcher of UW’s Critical Media Lab and Games Institute.

Previously, I was a tenure-track professor in the Department of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. I have also been an instructor in the Faculty of Translation, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies (site in German) at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany.

Covering the studies of media, literature, communication, culture, and design, my interdisciplinary teaching experience has developed pedagogical skills that adapt to complement different areas, levels, and methods of study. I offer particular expertise in humanistic approaches to technology and media, and interactive skill building in digital culture.

Thinking about education in a digital era in particular, I draw upon the “comparative media” framework that is proposed by Katherine Hayles and Jessica Pressman in 2013’s Comparative Textual Media: Transforming the Humanities in the Postprint Era. My pedagogical strategy builds on this framework’s medium-specific sensitivity to reading, writing, and rhetorical methods.

My attention to the unique needs of students has been sharpened by past professional experience in the early 2010s as a teacher and tutor of recently immigrated Chinese high school students in Canada. Instructing in both English and Cantonese, I designed group and one-on-one curricula in the fields of English literature, and critical reading and writing skills (for the latter, in preparation for the TOEFL, or, Test of English as a Foreign Language).

A former student states that discussions in my classes “have at times been so intense and intriguing that the hour has gone by in a flash! You never want it to end, and I will miss it very much.”