2020+ : BIDA (BIPOC in the Digital Arts) (with Neha Ravella), a digital research environment

> digital arts
> BIPOC inclusion and representation
> digital repository and research environment

BIPOC in the Digital Arts (BIDA) is a comprehensive database of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of colour) practitioners in the digital arts. Currently in its development stage, BIDA will temporarily focus on women and non-binary people of colour.

Created by Lai-Tze Fan and Neha Ravella, this project emerges as a resource for contemporary digital art communities that respect that early digital spaces offered women and historically marginalized groups the possibility of alternative spaces, communicative modes, and methods of dismantling exclusionary politics. As a response, BIDA offers a digital research environment for practitioners, scholars, and everyday citizens to learn more about alternative histories, approaches, and traditions of the digital arts through the works of people of colour.

The design and construction of this repository includes entries on BIPOC practitioners that list: the practitioner’s language and country of origin, their works in electronic literature, their known collaborators, data visualizations of their major themes and topics, and suggested critical readings.


Conference presentation: “Introducing BIDA, or, BIPOC in the Digital Arts: A Digital Research Environment of BIPOC Practitioners.” Panel: “Narrative as a River II: (Un)continuity in Infrastructure; or, How do we Represent Cumulative E-Lit Works?” 2020 Meeting of the Electronic Literature Organization (Virtual). University of Central Florida, USA. 16 July 2020.

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