2018: Digital Making & Practice, a pedagogical initiative

While I was a professor at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, I won an “Advancement of Outcomes Based Education” grant to develop a new pedagogical approach for today’s digitally savvy student.

In an age when the university student is surrounded by digital devices and cultures, but does not necessarily know how to use them for critical thinking or for future skill development, I proposed to design my undergraduate course “Digital Cultural Studies” and my future pedagogical methods towards the training and application of digital tools for humanities and cultural studies research. In particular, “Digital Cultural Studies” was designed to offer students the chance to apply the critical and theoretical knowledge that they have learned as part of their liberal arts education. In turn, the outcome of the course and student projects resulted in online resources and workshops on “digital making and practice” for other professors and departments.

Today, the objective of my pedagogy in digital making and practice is to train students to use digital tools for cultural engagement and critical research, offering them a chance to apply their classroom education to surrounding citizens and communities. Some of the classroom topics include: digital writing and publication (creative, critical, and communal); online and offline spaces for knowledge transfer; digital ethnography; digital project construction and archival; and of course critical making and research-creation.

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